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préparer votre certification Redhat RHCSA.


Trainer biographie:
Passionate about technology and lean practices, my focus is primarily on software and Cloud engineering.

My expertise is in designing solutions from inception to sustainable operations within the Telcom, finance, education and government sectors. I articulate advisory and delivery work around a customer-centric approach: - Initiated and led on 3 occasions the re-architecture of legacy or multi-generation platforms to provide reliable, cost-effective and infrastructure, software and team practices. - Managed development, data and infrastructure teams in highly regulated and highly available environments including banking, and hospital emergency fields. - Leading a desiging and deploying of more than 10 Cloud platform dedecated for 5G use case. - Trainer with more than 20 years of experiences Areas of interest: - Problem-solving methods, tech leadership - Cloud-native architecture & infrastructure: IaC, serverless computing, security & compliance, API gateways, event-based architectures - Container technologies: orchestration, service mesh & observability, CI/CD - Network technolgies (SDN, Openran …) - Entrepreneurial, startups , leadership Quatifications : More than 40 certifications on Linux, Middleware, Devops, automation, Cloud, Visualization, Network technologies. Bachelor of Computer science Magister (Postgraduation) on computer science

Sommaire du contenu de la formation est présenté ci-dessous :

- Compréhension et utilisation des outils essentiels

- Création de scripts shell simples

- Exploitation de systèmes en cours d'exécution

- Configuration du système de stockage local

- Création et configuration de systèmes de fichiers

- Déploiement, configuration et maintenance des systèmes

- Gestion de base des réseaux

- Gestion des utilisateurs et des groupes

- Gestion de la sécurité

- Gestion de conteneurs


Djelloul BOUIDA

RHCA® Level XI, RHCI®,RHCX®| Senior Solutions Architect ♦ Red Hat & Zimbra Trainer
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